Who & What We Are

Dog Founded in 1987 the Humane Society of Livingston County (HSLC) is currently providing rescues, foster care, and adoptions for dogs and cats (excluding feral). The HSLC has also prevented the over-population of animals through their Spay/Neuter Program.

We are not funded by our County, and not part of Dog Control, so we have to rely on grants, donations, and fund-raisers to obtain money for our cause. All of our volunteers consists of caring, dedicated individuals who desire your support and assistance in helping animals who are in need of loving homes. We are seeking donations to continue to develop our capabilities as a Humane Society, including a future spay/neuter clinic, a shelter, and community awareness programs.

Our Mission

  • provide and assist in the protection of abused and abandoned animals and continue to assist in the placement of such animals in approved homes.
  • continue the spay/neuter program, with the addition of a spay/neuter clinic to assist low income pet owners
  • development of a functional foster care program
  • promote and provide education services to the community
  • do all of the above, on a volunteer basis, without reimbursement (excluding membership and donations to the Society as a whole)
  • assist in spay/neuter of stray, abandoned & feral cats